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Retirement Investing Made Simple

Investing early and often is the best gift you can give yourself. Our goal is to make the process of enrolling as quick and painless as possible. Do you have 15 minutes to spend on yourself? 

  • Average social security benefit as of January 2021 was just $1,543 per month. That’s $18,516 a year. Can you live off $18,516 a year?
  • 56% of American’s are forced to retire early. Whether due to disability, life events, or loss of employment. All the more reason to start now, not later.
  • There is nothing glamorous about saving money. Remember: Save early, save often, it’s impossible to have too much in savings.
  • The average American needs roughly $1.5 million dollars for the 18-25 years of retirement.
  • Once enrolled, everything is automated. You can’t forget to save.