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Below you will find instructions for rolling funds into, or out of, your Drive 401k.

Rollovers Into your Drive 401k
  1. You must start the process with your previous employer. Please contact your previous employer to request paperwork or online instructions.
  2. During the rollover process, you will be asked how to make the check payable. 

Fidelity Investments


Line 2: Receiving Plan Name (See Statement for Plan Name)

3. Mail Checks to:

PCS Retirement

ATTN: Rollover Into Plan

9450 SW Gemini Dr, PMB 65198

Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

4. Your Funds will appear in your account in 10-15 business days.

Rolling funds out of your Drive 401k
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click Withdrawals
  3. Click “Rollover” under “Termination Distribution”. (If you do not see available funds, you must wait until your account is updated with your Termination date, this can take up to 1-2 paycycles AFTER your last paycheck.)
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions, you will need a copy of a state issued photo ID or passport, along with the rollover instructions provided to you by the receiving firm. (If you have questions concerning how to answer any of the questions asked, the best place to reach out for answers is the Firm you are SENDING the funds to.)
  5. Checks typically process within 1-2 weeks.